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As we ramp up our projects, this is an opportune time for print designers, marketing experts, proposal writers, education gurus, event managers, musicians, film makers - basically, we need a mixed bag of enthusiastic change agents to jump on board and exercise your life's right to live LOUD and make a difference. See our list of available volunteer positions below and get in touch with us if you see something that suits.

We hope you'll join us on this adventure!


ON-SITE VOLUNTEERS: The most common enquiry we have is whether there are on-site volunteer positions available. While Little and LOUD are open to visits from English teachers, Primary School / Elementary teachers, Creatives, Builders, Engineers, Development officers and Social workers, who are all helpful to the community of Fote Village, we currently do not have a formal insurance policy to cover our volunteers. However, we are happy to discuss long term visits involving program ideas for the school that will leave a permanent positive impact on the community. All airfare costs are the responsibility of the volunteer and a remuneration for lodging and food is calculated and confirmed prior to the visit. Little and LOUD will assist with organizing flights/ground transportation and orientation. Please note that at this stage we are only accepting volunteers from Sydney, NSW Australia or Columbus, Ohio USA.

Nonetheless, if you are not from these areas but are passing through and able to meet with us for interviews and a Police check, we can surely arrange something.

For enquiries in the USA email
For enquiries in Autralia email
For any ideas you might have about collaborating with Fote Primary school please email


We are looking for webdesigners, web developers and content editors.

Click here to find out more about this project

Please email


We are looking for Solomon Pijin translators, illustrators, graphic designers, packaging designers and a publisher.

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Solomon Pijin translators please email
Publishers please email
Graphic designers, illustrators and packaging designers please email


We are looking for lovely people who might like to help us on occassional weekends and weeknights with administration, fundraising ideas, project ideas, product ideas, filing and scanning drawings and letters.

In the US, there are also opportunities to become a board member!

For help in Columbus, Ohio USA email
For help in Sydney, NSW Autralia email

100% of your donations go towards Little and LOUD's efforts to increasing POSSIBILITY in the lives of impoverished and disadvantaged children and youth.

Our goals are:

  • To continue our progress and implement more capacity building strategies in Fote
  • To assist Fote teachers in improving their teaching skills and their curriculums
  • To publish the Wantok Childrens Books
  • To effectively run regular LOUDLabs with organizations for children in Columbus Ohio,USA; Sydney, NSW Australia; and parts of Africa, Europe and South East Asia with the goal of creatively connecting kids through self empowering exercises and creative activities
  • To engage in projects that encourage hands up and not handouts

Your contribution big or small will help us realize our dreams, and most importantly, will entitle more children to live out LOUD.

If you are in Australia, you can also make a direct deposit donation. Please email us at for our bank details.



In December 2008, partnered with Little and LOUD to help increase awareness about Fote Primary School to Australian readers and fund a special Christmas gift for the kids. Our readers and supporters together raised an amazing AUD$15,000 in just four weeks. Our objectives were to put that money towards:

  • Supporting physical education
  • Supporting creative learning
  • Supporting literacy
  • osting a special christmas movie night in the village under the stars
  • Building a more comfortable, hygienic and safe learning environment
  • Provide storage space

By December 2009 Little and LOUD have done the following for Fote Primary School thanks to Australia's help!

  • Organized a special Christmas celebration with a feast, dancing, and an outdoor cinema for all families of the community
  • New storage building for school equipment
  • New timber building for the Pre-Class (kindergarten) made from demolishing the old dilapidated building and re-using the material
  • Installed security wires and locks across all of the windows
  • Painted the school buildings
  • New sanitation block
  • New and more sports equipment, reading books, art materials, educational posters and office supplies
  • English classes for students and teachers
  • Computer skills class for teachers and adults

To specifically contribute to continued support for Fote, please donate using this button:

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